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Dream City
Dreamtown, a small quaint rural hideaway. Once home to simple folk, dirt roads, old buildings and small art shops. VixxxSin's since renamed it Dream City. On the vast land she inherited from her late uncle's estate, she's planning a sex entertainment empire.
Meek and powerless, residents watched as erotic nightspot Club Bangin Body became the city's first attraction.
Fantasy Babes
The Bangin Body Girls
On the city plan, Club Bangin Body is located in the center of town. VixxxSin says it should be the model establishment from which others would be judged. Speaking of models, to be a Bangin Body Girl one must be gorgeous and have the most important feature: an awesome bod. The ultimate place to visit, work and play. Decadent with high class style and the most unique features in any strip joint.
Club Bangin Body
VixxxSin’s quick to point out it’s not a typical strip club. She prefers to describe it as the world’s finest adult entertainment experience. Anyone who's had the pleasures of a visit, support the claim. Featured talents are all top shelf.
Join us in following VixxxSin as she builds her fantasyland, her Dream City.
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in an ongoing and epic erotic story.
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